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San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

  • Grace Cathedral 1100 California Street San Francisco, CA, 94108 United States (map)

Grace Cathedral
1100 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108

With 100+ local artists in Dance, Theater and Music - SFMAF will be celebrating the new year 2016 & past year 2015 in movement arts of the San Francisco Bay Area - as we turn the entire Cathedral into a stage - including the upstairs main church, downstairs conference center, gymnasium, hallways and three chapels. As audience enters Grace, performances will be going on, simultaneously, throughout the grand cathedral. There'll be over 14 Stations of the Movement (performances) , each will have a unique subject and title - a few will be religious in nature, most will not. There's no specific order as it's... 

A Walkabout in Grace thru the Movement Arts.

A few stations will have music, some in silence, others with verbal speaking or chanting. There'll even be a "Movement Choir" like you've never seen before. Oh my gosh...

As you stroll around, at your own pace, to witness the movement artists, we'll be celebrating plus saluting the history of dance, theater and music. In addition, giving a special nod to Grace Cathedral itself by honoring the space, the leaders and staff of the Church. There will be plenty of areas to sit and rest as you go. 

Local artists will be presenting new works, custom designed for the interior sites of the Cathedral. AND there'll be a few guest artists from Southern CA, Los Angeles area.

Like attending a Farmer's Market of performances...

The Stations of the Movement will be capped off with a main dance/theater piece, down the center of the church's main floor. We will give thanks and acknowledge our performers. Right afterwards, there will be a dessert reception downstairs in the conference and gymnasium centers AND there will be plenty of PERFORMANCE ANTICS going on - you won't want to miss these. All are invited to the reception.

Tickets: ( $12.00 - early bird )

More Info, photos and Event's Web Site:

( more to follow ) 
Station of the Women-Bold
Station of the Cleansing
Station of the Whispering Bards & Ballet
Station of the Dress-Elegant
Station of the Moving Prayers
Station of the Swords
Station of the Performance Antics
Station of the Masquerading Movement Choir
Station of the Women Against War
Station of the Division Silenced
Station of the Stringed Souls
Station of the Persisting Archway ( temp title ) 
Station of the Returning Cathedral Dancer ( temp title ) 
Station of the Red Egg
Station of the Greeting Singers
Station of the Golden Hair
Station of the Carrying Burden
Station of the Uneiling
Station of the Moving Umbrellas
...there'll be some roaming stations as well.

(more to follow)
Andrew Cortado
Ania Catherine (SoCA)
Ashley Brown
Ashley Gayle
Bernard Vash (Theater Director)
Bianca Mendoza
Brendan Getzell
Catherine Kirsh
Corina Chan
Courtney Armani
Chris Mandoza
Dariya Maximovich
Damien Rice
Dance Attack (Co)
Devon Chen
Ellisa Sun
Emily Shoop
Erma Kyriakos (Event Assist Dir)
Felice Shieh
Fractal Humphrey
Hanna Rose Stangebye
Hannah Carallaro
Hilary Palanza
Jesse Bie
Kao Vey Saephanh
Kathy Mata
Kelsey Morgaine
Kristin Carpenter Torok (Event Assist Dir)
Kristin Kusanovich (Santa Clara U. Faculty)
Kusanovich Dance
Lindsey McLevis
Lissa Resnick (Artistic Dir)
Lucy Chen
LV Dance Collective
Lynne Fried
Maria Basile
Maria Sotnikova
Mariana Sobral (Artistic Dir)
Marika Brussel (Artistic Dir)
Martha Pamintuan
Melissa Sennewald
Nell Suttles (Artistic Dir)
No String Attached Dance Co
Palanza Dance
Patricia Rehn
PERspectives Dance Co
Raquel Guevara
Russell Nelson
Sarah Bush (Artistic Dir)
Sarah Butler
Lindsey McLevis (Artistic Dir)
Sabrina Wenske
Sarah Bush Dance Project
Stephanie Patrick (Artistic Dir)
Stephanie Patrick Dance
Suzi Slavik (1st signed performer)
Suzy Myre
Terrin Kelly
Windy Wynazz

Movement Choir Performers ( Dance Attack! )
Jessica Lew
Kaitlyn Ellis
Kendall Pangburn
Katrien Weemaes
Lindsey Salkeld
Marissa Lew
Michelle Huang
Mikayla Nagy
Noelani Kreider
Peyton Dillehay
Rachel Hamid
Stella von Borck