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Evan Barbour: Organs

  • The Growlery 235 Broderick Street San Francisco, CA, 94117 United States (map)
During his residency at the Growlery, Evan Barbour has produced a body of work conceptualized as Organs. These assemblages of found objects bear a striking resemblance to anatomical structures. Recalling a hierarchy learned in biology class of Cells–Tissue–Organ–Organism, Evan appreciates how every organism is a complex composition of organs. Building each assemblage as though individual components were vital tissues within some organ, Evan suggests they might serve a purpose, or perform a function. As if through a sort of alchemy, these conglomerations of found objects could be transformed into the parts of some greater whole, some imaginary organism.


Oakland-based artist, Evan Barbour, has pursued a range of studies, from science illustration, to museum education, to fine art. At the heart of all these pursuits lies a fascination with the under-appreciated corners of nature.

Working in painting, photography, and miniature sculpture, Evan applies scientific methodology to his art practice and endeavors to share this inquiry-based approach to art-making with others.