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He•li•o•trop•ic by Inyoung Seoung

  • The Midway Gallery 900 Marin Street San Francisco, CA, 94124 United States (map)
The Midway Gallery is pleased to present He•li•o•trop•ic, a solo exhibit by Inyoung Seoung in her San Francisco debut. The exhibition explores the philosophy of individuality and the relationship between humanity and nature. The artist presents meticulous ink drawings on canvas, and will be transforming the gallery into a surreal forest with electrical-tape mural installations. He•li•o•trop•ic launches The Midway Gallery’s new programming direction that focuses on public engagement via immersive installations and invites the public to join them from May 01 - 12 to witness Seoung’s process unfold. The exhibition will be on view May 01 - June 30 with an opening reception with food, music and performances on Saturday, May 21 from 6 - 10pm.

Seoung’s work draws parallels between humankind and nature. She considers people to be in a perpetual state of growth—reaching up and moving forward, like trees to light. The branches in her work, at times tangled, other times unfolding, represent humanity’s interconnectedness. As social creatures, people are constantly meeting and separating, growing together and growing apart, with support from one another within society as a whole. Following the lead of these musings, Seoung casts each individual as one branch of the societal tree.

Seoung is the first Midway artist to fully incorporate the gallery’s unique architecture into her vision. Each entryway into the gallery will be embellished with electrical-tape renderings of curled bodies cradled in root-like capsules. These “cells,” as the artist refers to them, further develop Seoung’s metaphor of our societal emulation of trees. Although humanity presently appears to be caught in the web of an industrial world, the work suggests nature’s ultimate triumph in a future post-industrial life. A reality nurtured by humankind’s instinctual connection to nature.

Connected to The Midway Gallery is G&M Gallery, another exhibition space housed within our creative complex. First to activate this space is Christine Aria, one of The Midway's inaugural resident artists. 

Christine Aria is a San Francisco based painter whose work is a meditation on the experience of knowing and not knowing, of being of two minds, of possessing a sense of self assurance, and a sense of the void of the self altogether.

Christine’s watercolor figures appear out of a blank surface, spilling over and dripping color. Their apparition is a bloom of color and life, an imitation of the human body on paper. Their dissipation in the dripping paint creates the abstracted columns on which the figures stand, and into which they fall.

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Located in the DogPatch, the burgeoning arts district of San Francisco, The Midway Gallery is situated within the multidisciplinary creative complex, The Midway. Their new programming focus asks artists to activate the 3000 square foot space as an integral component to their body of work, and embrace it as a departure point to challenge their practice. The resulting environment is meant to offer viewers a rare and heightened experience of the work. 

About Inyoung Seoung
Inyoung Seoung was born in Seoul, South Korea and currently lives and works in Rowland Heights, CA. The artist works across various mediums including: drawing, sculpture, painting and installation. She received a BFA in Sculpture from Hong-Ik University in 1994 and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationwide. Her works have recently been shown at Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ; Edward Hooper House, Nyack, NY; and SIA Gallery, New York, NY.

About The Midway Gallery
The Midway Gallery is unique in that it resides within a large creative complex, home to music, performing arts, emerging technologies and the culinary arts—all with an aspect of education and public engagement. The Midway Gallery features emerging to mid-career artists with the mission to exhibit their work to a fresh collector base in The Midway's dynamic community. Much like The Midway itself, the gallery puts emphasis on artists working across disciplines or mediums and creates a stage for artists to push boundaries.

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What: He•li•o•trop•ic, solo exhibition by Inyoung Seoung

When: Exhibition Dates: May 01 - June 30, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 21, 2016 | 6-10pm

Where: The Midway Gallery
900 Marin Street
San Francisco, CA 94124

Hours: 12-6pm Wed -Fri
10-4pm Sat

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