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Carl Pisaturo's Studio / Gallery Closing Event

  • AREA 2881 2881 23rd Street San Francisco, CA, 94110 United States (map)
Last chance to visit Carl Pisaturo's unique AREA 2881 Gallery. An installation of over 40 functioning new-media artworks... spanning lumino-kinetic, robotic, stereo-photography, fluid dynamic (and more) media.
Feb 4, 2017. AREA 2881 Gallery / Micro-museum is shutting down.  We lost our lease and will be leaving California.  Sadly, the extremely high overhead costs in the Bay Area have made the creation and sharing of art impractical. 

The installation contained unique kinetic, light, fluid and stereo-photographic artworks created with love, skill and dedication over the past 20 years, and has been open periodically for free events since 2007.  

It was our pleasure to surprise and delight the thousands of visitors who walked through a nondescript entryway into a strangely magical world of motion, sound and light. 
CLOSING EVENT: Saturday February 25, 2017.  1 pm-11 pm
Last chance to see (and purchase) the installation before it's crated up and shipped across the continent.  Event is free.

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